Testimonials and Quotes

"Software AG is proud to present one of the world's top experts in extensible languages, award winning software developer and public speaker Mr. Howard Pearlmutter."

"Mr Pearlmutter is known as a world-class technology guru who has a unique ability to accelerate the audience's assimilation of IT knowledge. Since his first international lecture tour on the topic of extensible languages in 1981, he has been in the foreront of helping IT professionals learn about the powerful technologies that have led up to the emergence of XML."

-- Software AG

"The prowess of organizations in harnessing XML technologies is emerging as a key forward-looking indicator of success in ecommerce, in internet service deployment, and in the global financial services competition."

"Software AG, as Europe's largest system software vendor and a 30 year veteran in enterprise data management technologies, has taken the lead in addressing the practical and strategic issues raised by XML in enterprise and electronic commerce contexts. This month, Software AG is proud to present internationally known IT expert Howard Pearlmutter to our Singapore business community, in a special series of public XML trainings (in addition to pre-arranged onsite sessions for our strategic clients)."

"So don't miss this rare opportunity to learn about XML, the standards, and the emerging technologies from a world-class software guru who has unique insight into the issues facing technical professionals today."

-- Software AG, Singapore

"Before you jump on the e-commerce bandwagon... Ask for Howard Pearlmutter -- one of the world's top experts in Java and XML"

-- Software AG

"As a chairman I would like to thank you and your team for the most interesting and professional conference on Java, led by you last Monday."

"The presentation given by Mr. Howard Pearlmutter showing the importance of the Java environment was instructive and important. It also showed that Mr.Pearlmuter has a deep understanding and [excels when] explaining and presenting the subject."

"Would it be possible to receive the video tape of Mr. Pearlmutter's presentation ?"

To: "Rittal, Uzi" <Uzi.Rittal@Compaq.com>
From: Uri Kaufman, Automated Bank Services, and Enterprise Critical Solutions & Products SIG Chairman

"Thanks for the very interesting and useful SIG about J2EE held on Nov 6th, ... by the amazing guest speaker Howard Pearlmutter. This subject is now the hottest in the industry and this SIG opened my eyes and my appetite and I look forward to hear some more of this stuff. Please give Howard my regards and thanks and my hope to see and hear him again."

-- Mati Dgani

"I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed very much the Entreprise Java presentation. Howard Pearlmutter has an exceptional gift to give clear and convincing explanations ....You are involved in our new project based on Java and I'm confident that Compaq Israel will be able to help us which such experts in the background."

"I'm interested to receive a copy of the video cassette for people from our organization who couldn't attend the presentation."

Best regards
Jacques Klein
(government agency)

"I would like to comment on the lecture that Mr. Howard Pearlmutter held on Monday November 6th, 2000, at Compaq headquarters at Raanana."

"I found that session to be a brilliant presentation of Java aspects to the level of managerial and decision takers, who could use the information obtained at this session to start an in-depth evaluation process... for upgrading the organization's IT environment to an up-to-date level."

"Please forward this comment to Mr. Pearlmutter together with gratefulness for that wonderful session."

"Let me also thank you and Compaq for hosting that event."

Best regards,
Micha Barer,
Yedioth Ahronoth Daily newspaper.

"As Europe's leading consultancy in object and intranet technologies, Valtech has attracted some of the top talent in the field. Our association with over 60 top notch consultants and trainers allows us to be a key enabler of migration to object technology. Howard Pearlmutter's participation has greatly strengthened our offering in this area."

"Throughout Howard's association with Valtech in London, beginning in June of 1998, he has generated an exceptional level of benefit for our organisation. Howard was involved with both training and consulting projects, succeeding admirably in both disciplines."

"As a trainer, Howard delivered Valtech's flagship Java Enterprise Architectures course, drawing great praise from course attendees. Howard also was responsible for the development of a completely new training course based on Java systems architecture considered to be strategic to Valtech. Howard has always exhibited the two key qualities of a good trainer: contagious enthusiasm and impeccable technical expertise."

"As a consultant, Howard was involved with several major consulting missions on which Java and CORBA technologies were used. For example, Howard condensed a 3-day training course into a 1-hour presentation which he then delivered at a high-level briefing at the behest of Sun Microsystems, with which Valtech has a strategic alliance."

"Training and consulting do not begin to cover the range of Howard's skills. In his delivery of professional services, he has shown himself to be world class. Any firm should consider itself fortunate to have Howard on their team. We certainly look forward to his future engagements with us."

Eric Mouilleron
Managing Director, Valtech Ltd.
October 13, 1998

"I would like to take a moment to provide you with information on my professional interaction with Howard Pearlmutter, whom I cannot recommend highly enough to you."

"Valtech is a 10-year old, 800-person publicly traded global technology services firm, specialized in training and consulting for international corporations and financial institutions. I was Valtech's sixth employee. I was responsible for launching Valtech's training operations in Paris, London and New York City, and have personally established our business relationships with Lehman Brothers, Alcatel, Goldman Sachs, Verizon Wireless, Circuit City, Bear Stearns, Reuters, Salomon Smith Barney, UBS, Morgan Stanley, JetBlue Airways and many, many other blue chip clients in the US and European markets in a variety of industries."

"Valtech's success hinges on the quality of the talent we bring to a situation, and Howard is a perfect example of someone who has helped Valtech by helping our clients to leverage their information assets for business gain."

"Howard and I began our professional relationship in 1998 in London, where Howard delivered Valtech's flagship Java Enterprise Architectures course to such prestigious customers as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, EDS, Barclays and Orange Telecommunications. Howard's course evaluations were overwhelmingly positive, and this in turn helped us to solidify our business position with each customer."

"Howard also researched and authored a pioneering Java Systems Architecture course. That course leveraged our strong relationship with Alcatel into a foothold in a market which today boasts 200 million Java-based phones, 90% of the world's smart cards, and untold other J2ME-based telematic, embedded, TV, and consumer devices. It's noteworthy that when the Nokia/CSC consortium asked Sun Microsystems for expertise on strategy for embedding Java in next-generation mobile phone infrastructure, Sun turned to their partner Valtech, and Valtech turned to Howard Pearlmutter, who distilled his 3-day intensive course into a successful 60-minute briefing for Sun/Nokia/CSC."

"Our team in London, including co-founder and Managing Director Eric Mouilleron, felt strongly enough about Howard's unique value to actively recommend him to counterpart organizations in markets to which Howard was traveling, but in which Valtech had no presence, including Singapore, Israel, and Australia. The reports I received of his performance in these markets were highly positive, and his ambassadorial qualities led to the side effect of Valtech getting the opportunity to license our course material to some of the consultancies he worked with."

"After I established the New York operation, I attracted Howard back to additional engagements with us in the UK and US. For example, he delivered our updated Java Enterprise Architectures course - Valtech's most sophisticated - combined with our brand new XML course, to a team of high level developers and architects at Capital One in Richmond, Virginia. This was a rather delicate assignment, as the participants were quite advanced, and required that the combined course be taught in accelerated fashion. As before, Howard's services were extremely well received, and another strategic client was well satisfied."

"Howard provided an executive briefing to a select group of technology executives at Goldman Sachs, including Carl Reed, SVP and Global Head of Applications Infrastructure, and Louis Menna, VP Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities IT, and E-commerce. I was in attendance at the briefing and can confirm to you that the participants were strongly impressed not only with Howard's visionary grasp of technology, but his ability to apply it to their vertical domain. In particular, his "Goldmine & Greenfield" model was dead-on for untangling some of their most difficult legacy-migration issues, and demonstrated thought leadership on a par with the best of the management gurus."

"I have continued to track Howard Pearlmutter's career, as he has further blossomed into a wide-ranging business seminar leader and keynote speaker. In short, my opinion of Howard is that he packs a top-tier multi-disciplinary international management consultancy into a single body. Whereas most executives are good at providing the vision but aren't endowed with technical proficiency, and in the case of technologists it's the other way around, Howard has impeccable credentials in both respects. I have rarely met a more impressive person overall (and I've met a lot of people, from a decade in top-tier corporate sales), whether in the Information Technology realm or not."

"Please don't hesitate to contact me should you need any clarification or further information."

Best regards,
Nick DeToustain
Business Development
Valtech Technologies, Inc.
July 25, 2003